Ministers – Edgar and Sandy Bernal

Edgar & Sandy Bernal

Edgar & Sandy Bernal, Ministers

Edgar and Sandy Bernal have been married for 35 years and between the two have 6 children and 26 grandchildren. Edgar is from Sinaloa, Mexico and Sandy was born in New Mexico and raised in Safford, AZ. They worked as volunteers in the Department of Corrections Federal Prison in Safford, Arizona for 7 years visited the inmates to preach, teach and counsel mainly the Spanish speaking population. Edgar and Sandy have pastored a couple of churches in Arizona and currently assist in the Altar Ministry and bring the Word of God on Sundays at Upon This Rock Church. They like to travel, enjoy knowing other places and meeting new people. They delight to share Jesus with others.

“My wife and I were led of the Holy Spirit to Upon This Rock Church and became members in January 2013. Our passion is to serve Christ’s church in any area of need. We both serve God because He has called us to ministry. It is because of His Love, Mercy and Grace that we serve with much gratefulness and thankfulness. We assist Pastor Pete in preaching, teaching and by playing guitar and singing special songs such is my God given talent and hobby. Praise the Lord!”